Course Name: OCSA Training and Certification

Course Details

This course is ONF's OCSA certification oriented program. At a high level, the course includes the basic concepts of SDN and how these concepts are interrelated in the modern network architecture. In addition, the course discusses the various standards like Open Daylight, Open Network Operating System (ONOS), OpenFlow etc.

The course also provides hands-on exercises on creating OpenFlow switches & controlling them using centralized controller using MiniNet. These exercises help participants to understand the concepts well and their usage in their job.

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High Level Course Contents

  • Fundamentals of SDN
  • Evolution of SDN
  • SDN Principles
  • SDN Framework and SDN Standards – Open Day Light (ODL)
  • SDN Use Case
  • SDN Advantages & Considerations
  • Open Flow
  • SDN Architecture and Ecosystem
  • SDN Operation
  • SDN Programmability

Participant's Benefits

  • Understand the need for SDN
  • Understand the concepts of SDN and OpenFlow Understand the SDN Eco system and standards
  • Hands on practical sessions enriching participants understanding of SDN and OpenFlow
  • Understand SDN migration strategies
  • OCSA Certification

Batch Calendar

Batch No Date No of Days
Batch 1 1st May to 9th May 10 days
Date Time
01-05-2020 to 03-05-2020 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
04-05-2020 to 08-05-2020 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
09-05-2020 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM

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