Progression in any Organisation is a key tool for retaining talent, and enables employer to recognizing achievements, identify right talent and skill, define employee role roadmap meeting both organization and employee aspiration. For employees progression is an opportunity to highlight their contribution and hard work to the organization that enabled organization to achieve defined goals and as well an opportunity to seek additional resources and support from the organization to build a secure and highly recognizable career. Every organization will have a well-defined and implemented progression framework but still they face many challenges like;

  • Regular updates to the framework to meet current rapidly changing technology evolution, and as well incorporate employee feedback
  • Need of senior and industry experience resources to spend time in preparing and delivering advanced training programs (for identified skill gaps)
  • Run regular workshops on educating employees on the progression framework and methodology
  • Define assessment criteria and framework
  • Conduct assessments and identify right skills to be rewarded and identify skill gaps
  • Provide domain and technology training in the identified skill gaps

ChaturManas with its deep knowledge and experience in the Industry can help organizations with a unique strategy to define a career path of their employees by enabling the candidates with the required level of skills and competency.

ChaturManas provides unique blend of instructor-led classroom training with workshops, case studies, interactive discussions & quiz sessions, assessment criteria and methodologies will enable employees to understand and actively participate in the progression cycle in alignment with the current and future roles that organization can offer.

ChaturManas assists in defining the competency required for various roles played specially based on their career band for a given organization.